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Statement on Intelligence Community
Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity

The Intelligence Community's (IC) mission is to provide the best support to our customers. In the midst of increasingly complex and ever-evolving threats, our fellow Americans must know that they can count on us to deliver timely and accurate intelligence. To achieve this, we must foster fairness, equity, and inclusion to create workplace environments where all employees are treated with respect and dignity.

A diverse workforce is critical to mission success for the IC. At the heart of our work are our people: they are our greatest asset. As leaders, we must ensure that all employees are afforded the opportunity to contribute to the mission and make a positive difference. As such, we need to build and maintain an IC workforce that represents the rich diversity of the world we live in: a workforce that reflects different cultural backgrounds, ethnicities and heritage, languages, races, gender, orientation, abilities, and ideas.

Commitment to diversity starts at the top, and requires strong leadership, accountability, and measures for success. As leaders, we must demonstrate our dedication for a diverse workforce by setting an example through our values, actions, and words. I pledged my support in my personal performance agreement, and all IC component directors are expected to do the same. I have also recognized the valuable perspectives of the members of the Diversity Senior Advisory Panel for the Intelligence Community (now called the IC Diversity Advisory Board) and will continue to obtain their advice and ideas in diversity management across the IC. Their conunitment and involvement have been instrumental in our progress.

Ultimately, our success in mission diversity is dependent on the design and implementation of innovative and effective Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), diversity, and human capital programs and processes. We have been following the five-year IC EEO and Diversity Strategic Plan that is linked to the National Intelligence Strategy and the IC Strategic Human Capital Plan. IC organizations and components are developing and implementing plans that are also linked to the IC strategy. We are using a common set of performance measures, tracked each year in the congressionally mandated Annual Report on Hiring and Retention of Minority Employees in the Intelligence Community. Although we continue to show steady, positive improvements, we need to do much more as a Community to accelerate our progress.

Creating a culture of inclusion, where diversity is valued, is everyone's business. I urge each of you to explore ways of holding leadership and managers accountable, and sharing and communicating your personal diversity stories. The actions we take today will determine our success tomorrow.

James R. Clapper,
Director of National Intelligence
November 16, 2010

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