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Intelligence Community Wounded Warrior Internship Program

Are you an active duty Recovering Service Member (RSM) looking for an internship opportunity? The Intelligence Community Wounded Warrior Internship Program (ICWWP) is a wellness program open to active duty wounded, ill or injured Service Members who are preparing to transition out of the military or back to duty.

Eligibility Criteria:
•Wounded, Ill or Injured Active Duty Service Members
•Wounded, Ill or Injured Mobilized Reservists and National Guardsmen
•Must be assigned to a Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) in order to participate
•Must be eligible to obtain a security clearance

The ICWWP provides a formal avenue for building upon Warriors' unique skill sets, as well as offers the opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience. ICWWP identifies and places wounded warriors in a variety of types of internships across the Intelligence Community.

All internship opportunities require a Top Secret security clearance. Eligible candidates who do not currently hold a security clearance will be processed for a clearance if offered an internship by an IC agency.

For more information on the IC Wounded Warrior Program, please visit:

If you are an Active Duty Wounded Warrior interested in an internship outside of the Intelligence Community, please visit Operation Warfighter to learn more:


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