FBI Intelligence Analyst

Identifying and Mitigating Threats

How do you sort through all the noise to identify valid threats? Ashley uses her knowledge and network to spot threats, identify information gaps, and help the FBI protect the U.S.

Intelligence Analysts are at the heart of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) intelligence work. They bring together information collected by the Bureau’s Special Agents along with other intelligenc professionals, Intelligence Community sources, and other law enforcement organizations and use that to make informed judgements and recommendations. Analysts also draw on their knowledge of specific issues as well as the language, culture, and history of geographic regions to do their jobs.

At its core, intelligence analysis at the FBI is concerned with identifying and mitigating threats. To fully understand the nature of a threat—or to spot the threat in the first place—Intelligence Analysts like Ashley spend a good deal of their time each day conducting research. Ashley identifies gaps in the existing information, then does research to fill those gaps, often consulting sources outside the FBI. It’s an exciting puzzle to work on, one that’s vital to national security.

“One of the things that the FBI does best is respond to crisis. I like to say that crisis FBI is the very best FBI.” ―Ashley, Intelligence Analyst, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Ashley and other Intelligence Analysts develop networks with their counterparts throughout the Intelligence Community as well as with international, state, and local law enforcement entities. Because threats know no borders, these partnerships are critical for success.

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