DNI Coats Unveils the 2019 National Intelligence Strategy

The National Intelligence Strategy is a fully unclassified document that outlines mission and enterprise objectives for the U.S. Intelligence Community.

DNI Coats Unveils the 2019 National Intelligence Strategy

Director of National Intelligence Daniel R. Coats unveiled the 2019 National Intelligence Strategy on January 22, 2019, at an event at ODNI's northern Virginia headquarters. The 2019 strategy is the fourth iteration for the NIS and seeks to make our nation more secure by driving the IC to be more integrated, agile, resilient, and innovative.

Building a Better Intelligence Community

The NIS provides the Intelligence Community with strategic direction from the Director of National Intelligence for the next four years. It supports the national security priorities outlined in the National Security Strategy as well as other national strategies.

Of the 2019 NIS, DNI Coats said, "The 2019 Strategy is more than just an update to previous strategies: In some areas, it offers incremental improvements to things we do today. In other areas, it offers fundamental changes to how we operate. We developed this strategy to better position the Intelligence Community to detect change and provide critical warning in the future."

DNI Coats highlighted three key areas – integration, innovation, and transparency – by which the IC will ensure our policymakers have the advantage to keep our nation safe in the challenging environment that lies ahead.

Our Commitment to Transparency

Of the Intelligence Community's continuing commitment to greater openness, DNI Coats said, "Through transparency we will strengthen America’s faith that the Intelligence Community seeks the truth, and speaks the truth. This will be our hallmark, and I cannot stress this enough – this is not a limitation on us. This will make us stronger. It earns trust. It builds faith, and boosts our credibility around the world for our mission. It is the right thing to do."

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