NGA Tearline: Mining North Korea: Magnesite Production at the Taehung Youth Hero Mine

The Taehung Youth Hero Mine “has established the Juche orientation in the production of fireproof materials and this can be called a revolution. It is a great achievement that has brought about an epochal turn in developing our industry. It is as significant as the success in a nuclear test.” —Kim Jong-il, May 20, 2009

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Antiquated facilities, equipment, and processes, together with the continual plague of electricity shortages, will hinder any dramatic production increases of magnesite at North Korea's Taehung Youth Hero Mine.           
While the Taehung Youth Hero Mine is ascribed a notable role in North Korea’s economy, reporting indicates sanctions limiting the North's mineral exports continue to affect the magnesite industry by curtailing foreign currency earning and thereby its ability to acquire necessary parts and equipment.                   

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