We are dedicated, diverse, and passionate thinkers and doers. We are your neighbors and friends. With our varied backgrounds, we are united in the mission of keeping our nation safe.

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A Day In The Life

See what it's like to walk in our shoes and learn how our work contributes to the IC's mission.

We Are Barrier Breakers

We are innovators, advocates, and catalysts. As threats and challenges change, we continue to use our diverse skills and talents to overcome any operational or social barrier to our mission.

Featured Barrier Breaker

Tracey Ballard

Tracey knew when she joined the CIA in the 1980s that being openly gay could cost her job. But she took the risk, based on her passion for the work and to preserve her own integrity.

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Barrier Breakers In History


1776: George Washington

Father of American Intelligence

Newly-appointed General George Washington knew the Continental Army was outmatched by the British in weaponry, manpower and supplies. He became increasingly aware that the...

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1942: Navajo Code Talkers

Inventors of the Unbreakable Code

Every WWII combatant appreciated the need for an unbreakable code that would help them communicate while protecting their operational plans. The U.S. Marines knew where to find...

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1863: Harriet Tubman

Covert Spy Behind Enemy Lines

Harriet Tubman was already risking her life to rescue slaves on the Underground Railroad. Why not add warring armies into the mix? During the Civil War, Harriet Tubman and other...

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